Awards Dates & Timings

When are the AGDA Awards presented?

The AGDA Awards Ceremony is generally held in mid-late November.

When are the AGDA Awards open for entries?

The AGDA Awards generally open the Call For Entry period in early June, and run until early August.

Awards Entry Fees

How much does it cost to enter the AGDA Design Awards?

Earlybird Entry Fees
— Member $90 per entry
— Public $140 per entry

Slowpoke Entry Fees
— Member $110 per entry
— Public $165 per entry

Superslacker Entry Fees
— Member $160 per entry
— Public $215 per entry

Bulk Discount
5+ paid entries = 5% discount
10+ paid entries = 10% discount

How much does it cost to enter the AGDA Design Awards in 2020?

We have reduced our entry fees by 15% for the 2020 Awards due to the impact of COVID-19.
We have also made it free to enter for all students.

Entry Fees for AGDA Design Awards 2020:

Earlybird Entry Fees
— Member $80 per entry
— Public $120 per entry

Slowpoke Entry Fees
— Member $90 per entry
— Public $140 per entry

Superslacker Entry Fees
— Member $140 per entry
— Public $180 per entry

Bulk Discount
5+ paid entries = 5% discount
10+ paid entries = 10% discount

Student Awards
Entries are free for all students in the 2020 awards.

How much does it cost to enter the Student Awards?

A public entry in the AGDA Student Awards cost $35 per entry, while AGDA Members are able to submit as many entries as they wished for free.

Awards Jury

Can I suggest someone to be considered as a juror?

We're more than happy to hear suggestions for jurors and put their name up for consideration. If you have a suggestion email it to awards@agda.com.au.

Who selects the Awards Jury?

There is an AGDA Awards Team who work on planning the dates & timing, the judging process, and selecting the jurors, with a focus to cover a broad range of designers, from experience, gender, location, and disciplines.

What is the difference between an Awards Juror and a Specialist Juror?

The Awards Jurors judge the categories that are judged in person and they may also be assigned some categories which are judged remotely based on their skill set, while Specialist Jurors only judge selected categories remotely.

Awards Results

Awards Ceremony

Do Finalists get free tickets to the Awards Ceremony?

The Awards Ceremony is a fully ticketed event, so anybody wishing to attend will need to purchase a ticket.

Are the Student Awards presented at the Awards Ceremony?

Yes, the Student Awards are presented as one of the categories on the night, and the Student Distinctions are revealed and presented to any recipient in attendance.

Is there a Student Price for the Awards Ceremony?

The Awards Ceremony is deemed as a Professional event. Students that are AGDA Members are entitled to the Member ticket price.

Awards Trophies

If I was awarded a trophy, but didn't attend the Awards Ceremony, how do I go about getting my trophy?

After the Awards Ceremony we will contact entrants who were awarded trophies and offer them the option to pay for packing and shipping fees in order to receive their trophies earlier, otherwise the trophies will be mailed out for free in the new year.

Which Award Levels are presented with a physical trophy?

The different Awards levels and the relevant trophies that are presented as part of that can be found in the Award Levels section.

Can I order extra copies of trophies for my client or other team members?

We allow the purchase of additional trophies, but these requests must come from the account holder that the entries were submitted under. If you would like to order additional trophies, please contact awards@agda.com.au.

Awards FAQs

How do I qualify for a member's entry fee?

By joining AGDA; You can join AGDA by going to agda.com.au Please ensure that you, as the member submitting the work, have made an appropriate contribution to the work entered.

I signed up as a web guest on agda.com.au so I could enter the awards but it's not letting me log in to the Awards site using that member number.

It takes one working day for the Awards site to update with new member log in details. Please try logging in again tomorrow. If you still can't log in please email awards@agda.com.au

I am a current member or a current web guest and I am trying to log in using my member number and email address but it's not working

Please ensure you are using the correct email address. It will be which ever email address is associated with your account. You may have a home and a work email. If your membership was bought for you by your work the email address may be your work's email. eg. admin@yourcompany.com.au Once logged in, you can change your pin.

I am a DINZ member - do I get a discount?

Yes all DINZ members can enter at the same price as AGDA members. Email awards@agda.com.au to setup your account.

I live outside Australia - how do I enter?

We welcome entries from other countries! If you are not currently an AGDA member, to enter you sign up as a guest at agda.com.au Fill in your full address details and select 'Australia' as your country. Wait 24 hours for the Awards website to update with your details. This will allow you to enter the awards. Yes, this will mean your country is listed as Australia but if you contact awards@agda.com.au it will be updated for you, and rest assured that any trophies/certificates you win we will make sure they are sent to the correct address.

Will there be a Student Awards?

Yes. The Student Awards are open to anyone who was enrolled in a tertiary Visual Communication or Graphic Design course between 1st July 2017 and 30th June 2018. This is the place to submit work that was not done for a real client. (If it is a real client job you may want to consider submitting in the main Awards).

What happens if I've submitted my entries into the wrong categories?

If you have submitted your entry incorrectly, please email awards@agda.com.au with the details of your entry including your name, member number, entry number, name of entry, category entered, and category you want to change to.

Who receives the trophy?

Either the person or the company listed as an entrant receives the trophy. Additional trophies can be purchased from AGDA after the awards. Finalists will receive a certificate, so please ensure your address details are correct.

How do we submit a web site entry?

Supply the URL address in the website field of the entry form, along with the 100 words explaining the solution process, and images of the website to go in the book and on the final awards gallery website. Judges will view the website on both Ipads and Imac computers so please ensure that your entry is able to be viewed on these platforms, and that it is not password protected.

How do I submit a video

Upload your video / animation / motion graphics entry online, this can be on your own server, on your website, or on a third party website, and then simply supply the URL address on the title of the entry form with your registration, along with the 100 words explaining the solution process, and images of the video to go in the Awards book and on the final awards gallery website. Judges will view the motion entries on both Ipads and Imac computers so please ensure that your entry is able to be viewed on these platforms, and that it is not password protected.

How do I submit an App?

Please supply the URL address of the downloadable App on the entry form with your registration, along with the 100 words explaining the solution process, and images of the video to go in the Awards book and on the final awards gallery website. If your app is an app that needs to be purchased please either provide us with a promo code to download it for free or 'Gift' it to us in the itunes store, using email address awards@agda.com.au

Where do I submit photography?

Under Category 8(b) Design Crafts, Photography for Design. Pieces of design where photography brings the creative idea to life, such as publications (in print or digital), packaging, environmental graphics, printed materials, on screen communications etc.

How do I enter books, catalogues, annual reports and brochures. I would prefer to provide the actual pieces of work.

We suggest the following: catalogues, brochures, books, reports can be submitted as they are; just put them in a plastic sleeve or envelope for protection and ensure that the assigned entry label accompanies the item.

How do I submit the wine labels I have designed?

There are 2 ways to enter: a) House the labelled bottles in the polystyrene containers sold through Australia Post and send by mail or courier, affix the entry number to the bottom of the bottle so it can be sorted for judging. Mark the package FRAGILE for mailing; OR b) you can photograph the bottles and submit your images online as you would do for any other category.

Can we enter the same project into the different categories?

Yes, we encourage it. This will enable your project to be judged and rewarded on different aspects of the project. For example in the case of a book you may want to enter it into the 'book category' and then again into the 'photography category' for the photographs inside it. The best thing to do if you are able is to send in two copies of the book in that case, (each with the individual entry number affixed to the front and back where appropriate), as we have separate teams of people handling different categories on different days, so you would not be able to use the same book for both. When submitting your 5 PNG images on the online site we would encourage you to have full images of the photographs for the photography category, and images that focus more on the book / layouts for the book category.

Is there anymore detail covering the award categories? This would be the first time we enter the awards and I would like to understand the whole concept a bit better before preparing the entry.

If you would like to enter anything that doesn't fit with what is listed (we have had inquiries regarding brochures, press ads, websites and so on, which don't quite fit with the descriptions outlined), please email awards@agda.com.au

I am having some difficulty getting the specifications for the paper stock and printer from my client (they handled production management). Is it considered bad form not to include these details?

It is an opportunity for designers to acknowledge the suppliers they use, particularly if they have a working relationship. If the job does win an award, the suppliers get some valuable recognition but having these details is not compulsory.

What do the entry labels look like?

The entry labels are 12cm W x 1.5cm H (just a small horizontal strip). To download your entry labels go to the My Awards Entries tab and select your entry from the list. There will be a Print Label option at the bottom of this page.

Where do we affix the entry label unique entry number to the physical entry in the case of packaging?

You can affix the entry number to the side or the bottom of the package. In the case of wine, the label could be stuck on the bottom with the number poking out from the side, on poster the number should be stuck on the top left, or on an invite, brochure, stationary, etc you could use a paperclip to affix the label to the item.

Can we submit Posters as physical items?

Yes. Print your poster with the entry number label affixed to the top left, and also on the back of the poster and mail in a post tube (available from Australia Post). If entering several posters you can include them all in the same tube when posting.

I'm having trouble uploading my artwork. What should I do?

Make sure you have applied the AGDA image rules to your image and are submitting it in a correctly sized RGB PNG format. It could be that a large number of entrants are trying to upload at the same time or it may be that your internet connection is not very strong, this may be the case when using public wifi. Try connecting via a secure wifi connection or via an ethernet connection.

If you are still having trouble email awards@agda.com.au.

Can we have more than one image or item displayed on a single PNG we submit?

The images can be made up of multiple images, for instance you could submit one that has 4 images displayed on it. Where possible, it is preferable to submit individual images for ease of use, particularly for a hero image, which will act as the website thumbnail.

What are the rules for physical entries?

We are limiting the number of physical items coming in. This is both for logistical reasons and also to limit our impact environmentally. We are still accepting physical packages if you wish to send them, but we are no longer having mounting boards for things such as logos and flat images that don't require it.

Digital & Motion entries are being judged on screen and all other entries we will be printing out the images you submit for the judges to view. The physical entries are really only applicable for things such as wine bottles, packages, books, if anything that has a special print (foil, emboss, etc) that you feel would greatly benefit from having a physical piece then you can send that in. The judges definitely will still be able to see, feel, touch the objects.

Can we still submit mounting boards?

No board entries will be used or displayed. We will be printing all the entries at A3 size to make setting up easier on the volunteers and more consistent for judging.

Having different sized boards makes for inconsistent judging, for example having an A2 board next to an A4 board has the potential to sway the judges results despite the content of the work.

The amount of mounting board that has to be thrown out at the end of the Awards is also bad for the environment and if they’re no longer needed they can be recycled this time around.

If I submit my online entry before the due date but my physical entry does not arrive until after the due date will it still be included in the judging?

Yes. We will allow a couple of weeks for all physical entries to arrive. The physical entry deadline is Friday 5th August.

Can I enter work that was printed and distributed between 1st July 2017 - 30th June 2018 for a launch date of 1st July 2018 or later?

Yes, the dates a more of a guideline rather than strict. It’s to deter people from continually entering work, year on year. So as long as they’re only entered in the Awards in one of this year or next that is fine.

For Category 4. Packaging (i) Special Editions & Promotional Packaging what does ADGA define as a ‘short run’?

There’s no set figure for a short run. In an example of wine, if it’s one that is only being produced and packaged that one time (no re-runs or doing it annually) and that it’s quantity is significantly less to the quantity produced for a regular item.

Is there any size restriction for the physical entries?

There are no restrictions. If you can get it posted to us, we will display that item.

When printing labels to send physical samples is one label printed per entry?

Label each item. Different volunteers will be handling the entries over the weekend, so they may not all be familiar with the entire group of items in an entry.