Design Shift: Tech vs. Humans
Part 5: The Art of Design


Tue 30th June, 2020


Live streamed via Zoom


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Design Shift Tech Vs Humans Part 3
Image by San San Truong

1pm every Tuesday in June

Well, nothing could have prepared us for the recent events of 2020, not only from major disruptions in our lives due to the pandemic but also the need to adopt technological innovation at a much faster pace than ever before. At the rising age of data science, digital platforms, automation, artificial intelligence, cyborgs and smart technology — are we losing touch with what it means to be human?

AGDA now brings Design Shift: Tech vs. Humans online — a weekly five part live webinar series with our presenter, San San Truong. We have prepared a line up of speakers with a view to learn what communication and technology companies, designers and thought leaders are practicing today to acknowledge humanity in the face of rapid technological change. Plug into their minds as we touch on some key issues each week to consider and explore their contributions of human-centric design for what might shape a better future.

Part 5: The art of design
Gustavo Vampre – Creative Director at Deloitte Digital | Creative, Brand & Advertising

Let’s not forget the art of design in the final frontier of our webinar series. Since the beginning of civilisation, we have used our artistic and creative abilities to ideate solutions, to make technologies that enrich our lives. Whether it is visual branding and communication, product, interaction, motion, sound, or fully immersive experiences, the magic of the creative process continues to keep us in awe and links strongly to the human, emotive part of our psyche, connecting us all on some deeper level. What role does art and creativity play in human-centric design and how does it shape our future?

We are excited to have Gustavo Vampre onboard as our last guest speaker on the Design Shift: Tech vs. Humans journey. Gustavo is curious about how we remain relevant with the recent explosion of technological advancements such as machine learning and AI. He believes underlying purpose and principles of design remained the same, even though technology has changed immensely. He looks at an example of how to use design to touch us emotionally and lead with meaningful interactions. This empowers us to make the world a better place through three key points: originality, craft and human-centric design.

Portrait of San San Truong

San San Truong

San San Truong is a visual designer & consultant in UX/UI, based in Melbourne, Australia. Her varied background in creative strategy, branding, advertising and digital product design has always been based on an interest in understanding and empathising with the user to create effective results. As the AGDA Design Shift councillor for Victoria, this webinar event has been a passion project for her to illustrate the trends and opportunities for the future of design. She seeks to add value to businesses, end-users of products and the design community by realising the full potential of creativity, empathy and design thinking.

Portrait of Gustavo Vampre

Gustavo Vampre

Gustavo is the creative director (Creative, Brand & Advertising) at Deloitte Digital.

With 16 years of industry experience Gustavo has worked for leading creative agencies in Brazil and Australia. His work has won at all major advertising award shows - including 2 D&AD Black Pencils, 3 Cannes Grand Prix, and the ‘Champion for Humanity’ award at the UN’s Global Goals Week. In 2018 the Cannes Global Creativity Report ranked Gustavo the world’s number one Art Director, and the second most-awarded Creative Director. Gustavo is passionate about design, leading his team with collaboration, creativity and borrowing inspiration and knowledge from people and all facets of the world around him.